InterACT specialises in Human Resource Data Solutions. Our purpose is designed to enhance talent retention whilst at the same time managing your people risk.

In partnership with our clients we identify organisational challenges and focus our expertise, time and effort on finding the most practical and profitable solutions. These solutions are based on objective, scientific, holistic and quantitative measurement of people and job functions.

Our unique innovative Human Resource Data Integration system address most Human Resource Challenges and delivers outcomes that seamlessly align with human resource management strategies. This approach allows our clients to sustainably enhance performance levels of their talent and over time create company specific benchmarks as on-going realisation of their true inherent potential.





Results are delivered through a collaborative approach where we identify Human Resource challanges and analyse the related scientific data. We take our clients through a process of analysing their Human Resource risk and provide practical solutions to ensure growth in a constant changing working environment. 

At InterACT we recognise that dealing with people in the work environment is never straight-forward, and that the time and energy devoted to managing people may not always yield the necessary return on investment. We believe that a thorough understanding of who people are, along with their strengths, development areas, motivators and drivers, provides the cornerstone to most successful people leadership practices. Aligning this insight with the goals and strategies of organisations is our core business and our passion.


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