How does your culture affect your ability to retain top talent?


Corporate Culture and Engagement is the most important business topic of 2017. Few factors have been found to contribute more to business success than culture, which consists of values, beliefs, and behaviours within an organisation.

CEO's and senior leaders now recognise that corporate culture drives employees' behaviour, innovation, and customer service. and leading companies are now using data and behavioural information to manage and influence their culture.


A Global Survey found ...


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 So, how can you measure and manage your corporate culture?

 Start here:

1. Culture cannot be delegated - it must be on the CEO's list of top priorities

2. Understand and define both the current and desired corporate culture

3. Evaluate whether the targeted culture is taking hold

4. Measure culture alignment


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 Our Corporate Values Profile will enable you to diagnose your corporate culture using a well-established model. We can help you understand, refine, and improve your culture. Once the corporate culture is clearly described, it will define who the company hires, what behaviours are accepted and rewarded, who gets promoted, and ultimately increases employee engagement and performance.


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HR Trends for 2016 Series Newsletter - Part 1

Let the Human resources data in your organisation do the talking.


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Data-driven recruiting has been identified as one of the Top 10 Global Human Capital challenges organisations face. Talent acquisition leaders can arm themselves with people data and view their decisions more strategically. 

Our unique Human resources Data Platform is a world first in making Human resources Data support strategic intent.


So, how do you recruit the right people and retain them successfully?


We manage the people risk component of your organisation by disrupting the 'one-size-fits-all' approach to traditional consulting and recognise that every organisation has its own unique DNA. We combine psychometric analysis with bespoke consulting solutions to gain a holistic understanding of your talent, and leverage their skills to develop management strategies for individuals, teams and your organisation as a whole.



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Behavioural Job Profile (BJP)

Did you know that the "DI" profile is found in only 18% of the population?

If that is the candidate you are looking for, you immediately reduce your pool of potential candidates by more than 80%. If you manage to find the right candidate, your success rate increases by 80%. It is therefore critical that you ensure that the right behavioural requirement is stipulated upfront. 


The BJP Comparison Report assists companies in identifying the behavioural requirements of a job position ensuring that the selected candidate succeeds in that role. This report helps in recruiting the right people for the right job, identifying development needs, restructuring of roles and redeploying of talent.
  • Is your talent search too concentrated to yield results?
  • How many self-starters do you have in your talent pool?


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That's Why She Did It

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Ever wondered why your employee needs extra time to make small decisions? Or why your manager needs someone to check details for her?

The heart of your organisation lies within your people. By understanding your people, you can gain a greater understanding of your organisation's capabilities. Unfortunately, this is where most organisations fail.

In 2016, one of the biggest challenges that organisations will face globally is the mastery and application of people analytics to talent management. Organisations will have to hire, retain and train both future leaders and the average employee. Learning to leverage people analytics will not only enhance talent strategies but also offer organisations a powerful advantage over competitors. Shockingly, although most leaders recognise that using analytics is important, only 8% believe their company is strong in this area.

InterDISC™ will help you decipher your talent so that you can make better business decisions. Take advantage of our special offers today!



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Purchase 50 standard reports and one seat to accreditation for a bonus accreditation and 100 Graphs & Scores.



New Vitamin V(alues) for talent retention


Peter Drucker famously proclaimed that culture eats strategy for breakfast - a very alarming notion when we keep in mind that most executives struggle to define the values and culture of their organisation, let alone figure out how to sustainably promulgate it through the company.

A clear set of core values conclusively fosters a strong and enduring organisational culture which relies on performance feedback and, by implication, results in higher engagement between leaders and their teams.


Here are a few practical suggestions for integrating values in your organisation:

• Start from the top down:

In general, organisational leaders are measured on the basis of business results, but the people component is conveniently ignored. If engagement is made a priority and consistently measured, it becomes clear that the number one job of any leader is to reinforce a culture of constant feedback, thereby maximising engagement in order to ensure talent retention. Company values are to be communicated from the top down by management walking the talk about their values set.

• Measured values determine organisational culture and standards:

Values drive the accepted norms set by the organisation and indicate the passions that motivate people. It is the internal driving force that engages people to actively contribute and participate in their work each day. 

Values that are fully integrated into the fibre of an organisation can provide powerful insights into employee motivation, ensuring compliance with the organisational standards and value expectations. This insight becomes the compass that the organisation uses to select and retain talent, reward and recognise employee performance, and guide interaction amongst employees. It aligns the internal organisational standards with the external shareholder expectation. 


The PERSONAL VALUES PROFILE AND CORPORATE VALUES PROFILE ACCREDITATION will skill you to muster the facilitation of a values benchmark and the practical applications of the new assessment system.



• Make work and feedback meaningful:

Actively help employees make their work meaningful by reinforcing the importance of a coaching and feedback-rich culture, and teach leaders how to be authentic and transparent. Not only does providing continuous feedback produce a more engaged workforce, it is also one of the most important approaches that we can use to improve relationships. Well-considered feedback is presenting an opportunity to change for the better; thus consider feedback as a gift to a fellow teammate. Feedback, however, is something that gets people into a defensive mode, because they perceive it as a social threat. What we do not do when we are feeling threatened is embrace new information, no matter how accurate or valuable it may be during feedback. Learn how to make feedback a positive experience with us!

 • Listen to the Millennials:

Their desires, needs, and values will shape the organisation’s culture over the next 10 years - develop their talent for your organisation now. Read more on what millennials want from the world of work (From “What Millennials want from the world of work” by Henrik Bresman -  Harvard Business Review, 23 February 2015.)






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Interact is a new platform that turns your grains of talent data into a scientifically sound talent castle. Join this prelaunch workshop webinar for DISC-users to see how you can take your talent analytics to the next level. We have a unique solution that can help you simplify most people challenges and deliver outcomes that seamlessly align with your management strategies. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR DISC-REPORTS.   Work-life balance is complicated when one is required to live and work in the same environment; even more so when that environment is far away from one’s family.
The REMOTE LIVING QUESTIONNAIRE (RLQ) is a new assessment tool invaluable for all leaders who have a need to relocate employees in their organisation to remote areas.
  The best finance professionals are individuals who are able to communicate optimally with their clients and colleagues from different disciplines. Learn the importance of emotional intelligence and how to have difficult conversations successfully by attending the